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Ministry of Propaganda - 09/Dec/2004: "2004 Predictions Status"

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2004 Predictions Status

While looking for something else in my archives I stumbled over some predictions for 2004 by various "experts". With only just over three weeks left in 2004 I think we can quite safely assume that these "experts" were largely wrong. As of today only one of the six predictions actually happened, at least as far as I'm concerned. The predictions and my assessment of their status:

  1. Charles and Camilla to marry - Don't think that has happened. Or is anywhere near happening.
  2. Wind-up Handheld TVs - I might have missed it (as I don't have or want a TV), but I'm not aware of them being sold anywhere.
  3. Bush to be re-elected - Well, yes, I have to give you that one. Unfortunately.
  4. The first black Pope - No. Still white. Although potentially still possible, depending on how long it takes to elect a new Pope should the current white Pope suddenly die. Don't know how this works.
  5. Re-nationalisation of Rail - No. We are still paying millions of subsidies while prices continue to rise. And I doubt that will change any time soon.
  6. The 90s will finally end - Hm, I didn't get this one. But I certainly can't think of the "single defining event" he's talking of. And Cool Britannia probably has been uncool since some time in 1998.

Anyone for predictions for 2005? Here's mine: Most predictions will be wrong.

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