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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Nov/2004: "Jeremy Clarkson is sickening"

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Jeremy Clarkson is sickening

While I don't have a TV and therefore don't have to endure his antics (well, I would switch off/over anyway), I'm still amazed by the things he gets away with. Jeremy Petrolhead Clarkson that is. Now he has just ripped up a Scottish Mountain by driving up in a 4x4 (found at Bagger, who is 100 posts old now). It will take years for the ground he ripped open to regenerate, but then again, what does he care?

What should you expect from a man who thinks I now reckon the best view of the world would be Scotland, seen through the windscreen of this remarkable new car?

And who then continues And there’s no need to be distracted by the ceaseless flashing of the speed cameras in your rear-view mirror because if you’re going fast enough you’ll be out of the frame before the image can be stored.?

Finishing with: The speed you need to be going to do this is 178mph. Conveniently, the speed you can achieve in a new 911 is 182. (From his review of the Porsche 911)

No Jeremy, the best view of the world is somewhere from the top of a mountain you walked up, far away from a noisy metal box. Seeing it close up, not through a window rushing past. And doing as little damage as possible to the soil. But then I doubt you'll ever understand that. Same as I will never understand people like you.

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