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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/Nov/2004: "Positive Thinking"

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Positive Thinking

Almost everyone else has done it, so I think it's my turn now to blog about the US election after refraining from it so far. So what do I have to say? Where do I start? OK, let's try this: I'm currently reading How Mumbo-jumbo Conquered the World: A Short History of Modern Delusions by Francis Wheen, a very interesting, amusing, scary, depressing, exciting and fascinating book. I mostly agree with the points Francis Wheen is making in the book and I think I should consider being a member of the reality-based community (in a way Tony Blair is in a similar league as Bush. Some of the points raised in the book are scary)

So let's face reality: George W Bush has won the 2004 election. And where is the positive in that? Here are a few thoughts:

Bush (and the Republicans) now face a lot of challenges which could seriously damage their reputation (link via vasili) which otherwise Kerry and the Democrats would have to survive. Among others that the cost of being the only world superpower will become unsustainable (link via John Robb). Good luck, Mr Bush...

PS: I'm not a big fan of Kerry either, but he would probably have been the lesser evil.

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