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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Oct/2004: "Sunday Evening Blogging"

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Sunday Evening Blogging

For some reason I got only about half of what I had planned for today done. Just didn't get into the "flow". The panorama I was working on just didn't want to come out, I guess I'll just use what I've got now. But more about that tomorrow. Or Tuesday. Let's just blog about something now. Whatever comes to mind.

I don't know why I found this in my logfiles (couldn't find any link to my sites), but it's a weird enough site to link to: THE ANGRY PATRIOT!!! (yes, all caps and three exclamation marks). Something makes me think this is some kind of satire, but then again there are so many strange people out there who really believe this kind of stuff...

Different topic: Is V_I_A_G_R_A not selling any more, or why is my spam folder (yes, every once in a while I look what's in there) currently overflowing with offers for fake Rolex watches? Or is it just revenge for their useless website (Rolex website)?

What else? Very effective security measures: If he travels as Osama R Bin Laden he might get away with it. To avoid being caught up in the no-fly list you just need to add an initial. Now that really gives me confidence that the system works. Especially because terrorists don't use the web and don't read the news. Never. Ever.

I think that'll do for now. Bedtime. Good night.

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