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Ministry of Propaganda - 09/Oct/2004: "Tax on Internet Access?"

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Tax on Internet Access?

While I'm sometimes getting quite annoyed with TV Licensing here in the UK there are some even stranger things going on elsewhere in the world. Actually, not even that far away, in Germany to be precise: It looks like you'll have to pay for a TV licence if you have internet access, regardless if you have a TV or not (or if your Computer has a TV card or not). From April 2005 for households and 2007 for businesses as it looks at the moment.

If you already have a TV Licence you don't have to pay for another one, but if you don't, you'll have to get one. Which I find quite interesting: My sister doesn't have a television (same as me, seems to be running in the family), so she only has a licence for a radio (different to the UK you need a licence for a radio in Germany, which is much cheaper than a TV licence). She uses the internet though, although with a good old 56k modem. No broadband, just a plain 56k dial-up. In other words: She can't watch television with it (apart from those crappy Realmedia stream you might get for the news, usually time delayed), at best she can listen to some radio station. Yet from the looks of it she'll have to get a TV licence. She'll have to pay for something she won't be able to use and doesn't want to use.

Can someone explain the logic behind this to me?

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