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Ministry of Propaganda - 29/Sep/2004: "Mixed Bag"

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Mixed Bag

Just a variety and mixture of all kind of things today: First of all I finally did some work on my Scotland Summer 2004 travelogue again and added a page about the drive around Arran. I hope to focus a bit more on it again and add a few more pages over the next few days (well, more likely weeks). I think I should aim for the end of October to have the whole thing completed. Feel free to remind me if you don't see any progress ;-)

Then it's time for some premium content (a.k.a. Kitten pictures). Are you ready for this? OK, here we go, Really scary cat (found at Phonology). I wonder how long the guys at b3ta will need until they find this...

I'm not entirely sure (he hasn't replied to my comment yet), but it looks like I've found someone else from Bremen now living and blogging in the UK: Kai Stukenbrock blogs from London (He blogs in German, so don't bother if you don't understand any German ;-)).

I haven't read the books (and have no intention to either), it's also unlikely that I will be a regular reader of the Norwegian Harry Potter blog. I only found it because they hotlinked my picture of Glenfinnan viaduct. It's a popular picture within the Harry Potter fraternity, it's hotlinked quite regularly from all kind of Harry Potter sites. I think the Hogwarts Express (I think that's what the train is called that takes him to the witchcraft school or whatever) uses it in the films. Or something like that. I don't really care, but should you care about Harry Potter and understand Norwegian, it's probably the site for you...

I think that's enough, let's see if I can get another panorama done for the travelogue.

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