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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Sep/2004: "Caen Hill Locks"

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Caen Hill Locks

Picture of Caen Hill LocksI didn't get home until fairly late yesterday, too late to review and upload the pictures I took.

I'm slowly getting used to my new camera, still quite a few things to learn, but I'm getting there. The various options and programs are a lot to take in, try out, get wrong, get right, you name it. Sometimes the automatic flash pops up when I don't expect it, sometimes it doesn't when I expect it. May be I should read a bit more in the operation manual? Only just over 200 pages to digest there... Anyway, I already noticed it is much much faster than the Olympus E-10 I used before. It is ready instantaneously when turned on (the Olympus needed about 3-5 seconds until it was ready). The buffer is excellent, I can take another picture immediately, something I couldn't always do with the Olympus.Picture of canal boats coming out of a lock And the zoom ring on the 18-70mm Zoom-Nikkor lens is the other way around to the Olympus, so I have to retrain on that one. I hope to get my reflexes right soon when I need to be quick, at the moment I sometimes still go into the wrong direction.

Enough about the camera, you are probably more interested in where the pictures are from: Caen Hill Locks near Devizes. I parked in the car park about half way up the locks and then walked down to the bottom.Picture of the sunset over the Kennet and Avon Canal The view back up the flight of locks is quite impressive (first picture). I continued along the canal past Upper and Lower Foxhanger's Farm(s) until I reached the bridge of the A365 crossing the canal. Here I turned off and walked along the road to the Sells Green, where I stopped at the The Three Magpies. After a pint of Guinness and some crisps I felt refreshed enough to start walking back.

By now it was evening and the sun started to set. Near Upper Foxhanger's Farm two canal boats were leaving the last lock they were going to pass for the day, it probably took them the best part of a day to travel down all the locks from Devizes (second picture).

When I arrived back at the B3101 bridge the horizon had turned a bright yellow/orange/red, quite impressive (third picture). After enjoying the sunset I returned to my car to drive back to Swindon.

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