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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Aug/2004: "Dumb Phishing"

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Dumb Phishing

On Friday I received one of these again:

Picture included in the e-mail

Quite interesting, same as all the others of these scams it was sent to an address I've used once (and only once) in a forum. Meaning it must have been gathered through an e-mail harvester (I don't think the owner of the forum would sell them). And I also receive the occasional spam at this address, nothing else is coming through it. Meaning those phishing criminals and some spammers use the same mailing list. Not really unexpected, still interesting though I think.

But some phishers are even dumber: They send it straight to the Head of the Fraud Squad for Wiltshire Constabulary. Not to his home e-mail, to his work e-mail. Clever. (via BBC News)

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