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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/Aug/2004: "And now the weather..."

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And now the weather...

What is the favourite conversation topic for most Brits? Correct, the weather. While I'm not British I've lived here long enough and have certainly adapted enough to talk about the weather a lot as well. Might as well have another posting about the weather then. Here we go:

According to the weather forecast we should have Rain, sometimes heavy and thundery, spreading eastwards tonight. So far it's only cloudy and fairly muggy, not as bad as it was the last few days, but still horrible. A few very dark clouds, but no rain as yet. And if I can trust the weather forecasters the weather won't change too much over the near future.

At least it looks like I picked the time for my summer holiday in Scotland right: We had two rain days in 16 days, not too bad. It probably wouldn't have been that nice if we had been there now: Lots of rain and landslides blocking roads yesterday: Argyll was one of the worst affected areas. The A83 around Loch Fyne was closed after a landslide blocked the road. The AA said it was not expected to reopen until lunchtime today, and a long diversion was in place. That's where we were at least part of the time. The weather on the islands is usually better, but I think it's quite bad there as well now. The reports from today don't sound much better either. Let's hope their insurance cover is sufficient after the experience this family had...

And now the...

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