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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/Aug/2004: "It's summer! Honest!"

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It's summer! Honest!

What is going on? It's August, but no proper summer in sight. OK, it is quite warm now, but also very wet.

Quite violent thunderstorms and flooding on Tuesday. I was in a meeting and looked up out of the window when I saw huge, pitch-black wall of clouds approaching. I just thought, "this is going to be fun...". And it was: Almost everyone was standing at the windows watching the rain coming down and the lightning flashing. Well, until a lightning hit somewhere too close and tripped the power supply. The power was only gone for a moment, but it triggered the fire alarm. The building is quite big, so we didn't know if it was a false alarm or not, so everyone had to get out. Into the pouring rain. And with the occasional lightning still flashing across the sky. Didn't exactly make me feel safer either.

Today was almost a repeat: When I walked back to work after lunch I saw a quite big and heavy bank of clouds approaching. As I had expected, soon after I was back at my desk torrential rain started and was joined by thunder and lightning quickly. Followed by a collective "Oh no, not again!" groan: The power went again for a second. But we were let off this time, the alarm didn't go off again. Which didn't mean I wasn't going to get wet this day: I only had my emergency umbrella which I keep in my desk when it was time to go home a few hours later. And the next heavy shower set in when I was about 1/3 of my way home. The brolly keeps me dry to just below my shoulders...

Apparently we can blame it on the jet stream. There you go, it's the bad, bad jet streams fault.

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