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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/May/2004: "Unsere Tage in Heidelberg und Mannheim"

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Unsere Tage in Heidelberg und Mannheim

Picture of a panoramic view over Heidelberg

Picture of a view in the LuisengartenTranslation of today's title: "Our days in Heidelberg and Mannheim". After a fairly late start we stayed in Heidelberg yesterday, focussing on the castle in various ways. First we went to the castle itself, although we didn't go inside (we had already done that during my previous visit). After a lunch at "Vetters" we crossed the Neckar river via the old bridge and walked up to the Philosophenweg. From here we had excellent views over the castle and old Heidelberg as well as the bridge. The evening was spent at a birthday party of one of my sister's friends from the Reiterverein Heidelberg.

Today we took the tram over to Mannheim, where we visited the Luisenpark. Unfortunately this turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The garden wasn't anything really special, it was too polished and missed something. The boats with the yellow canopies looked fairly pretty, but on a closer look were fairly boring: They were pulled around the lake on a rope system, meaning you had no control where the boat went, everything was predetermined. Which in turn meant we gave it a miss. After about two hours we had seen everything and decided to return to Heidelberg, where we went to a beer garden for a drink and some food (quite enjoyable, actually). The evening will now be spent at my sister's flat, relaxing.

We don't have any detailed plans for tomorrow yet, apart from that I have to be at the airport late in the afternoon to fly back to the UK. Probably there will be some shopping in the morning before slowly making our way towards Frankfurt, stopping somewhere on the way if we find something interesting.

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