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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/Apr/2004: "Bank Holiday Weekend"

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Bank Holiday Weekend

The bank holiday weekend is here. Which means three options for what I'll be doing this weekend:

  1. It will be pouring down with rain. Which is quite likely, after all it's the bank holiday weekend. In which case I'll be working on the Islay Walking Week 2004 travelogue to add to the two pages I've completed so far: From Swindon to Islay and Lossit and the Sound of Islay. As I'm working chronologically that would be the walks to the Solum and Proaig next.
  2. We have fantastic weather. Yeah, right. On bank holiday weekend. Anyway, in that case I'll be out and about, probably on one or two of the walks I just found in Country Walking Magazine. Not much blogging or travelogue writing then.
  3. A combination of 1 and 2. Which according to the weather forecast might actually happen. As of writing this it says bad for Saturday, good for Sunday and mixed for Monday. But then I don't really believe in weather forecasts any more...

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Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of Armin and his mother on the beach

Probably not a bank holiday, but a holiday nevertheless...

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