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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Apr/2004: "Bank Holiday update"

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Bank Holiday update

Hm, I think it's time for a bank holiday update and a bit of blogging, now that half of the long Easter weekend is over...

First though: No, I don't intend to post any pictures of Easter eggs, bunnies or the like. Nor any links to it. Can't be bothered, really.

Second I thought I point out that in less than a week I will leave for Islay (with my mother, who will fly to the UK on Thu to join me). And in almost exactly a week I will have just arrived on Islay. And tomorrow in a week I will go on my first walk of the Islay Walking Week. Yay!

So, back to yesterday (Good Friday): I started the day with helping my sister to order a laptop, we decided to go for a Dell Inspiron 510m. This was followed by a quite long telephone call with my mother, discussing a variety of things including our holiday plans (see above).

Picture of Swindon town centre from The Lawn

The weather was quite nice, so I had hoped to get out a bit. Unfortunately my ears (well, my left ear in particular) started to give me a bit of bother again, not nearly as bad as last week, but still quite annoying. I think this was connected to me using some ear drops to clear up some ear wax and related effects (not that you wanted to know that, but I'll blog it anyway) as well as the effects of the cold I had last week which still haven't cleared 100%. My ears still block quite frequently (especially with changes in air pressure), forcing me to use some of the recommended remedies for ear ache. It's not painful, just very annoying and quite distracting as it impacts my hearing to an extent. Anyway, by the time the worst had cleared it was already fairly late in the afternoon.

I still had a nice walk around The Lawn, where I tried my new tele converter lens. The picture above is a view from an area of The Meadows called Hughes Field over to Swindon Town Centre. Or what claims to be a town centre. Or downtown for our American friends. Wow, Downtown Swindon, that sounds exciting. Even though it isn't.

Fast forward to today, Saturday: Spent quite a large part of the morning reading "Be my enemy" by Christopher Brookmyre. Quite a good read, despite a fairly long buildup. I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow, more then. The rest of the morning was spent reading the newspaper, having a long breakfast and surfing the web.

In the afternoon it was time for some shopping at Cotswold Outdoor. While I could have used their online shop I prefer to try on some of the things, in particular shoes. But also discussing which rucksack was best suited for my needs and trying it on was only possible in the store (I settled for a Berghaus Freeflow II 50). I also bought a sleeping mat, a bivi bag and a few other things.

And with that the Saturday concludes. But as this is a weblog here are a few more links:

That's enough links. More some other time. Good night.

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