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Ministry of Propaganda - 07/Mar/2004: "Been walking"

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Been walking

Picture of trees

Picture of the Curly Whirly FootbridgeThe weather turned out reasonably well today so I decided not to work on another page but went on a long walk instead. I walked down to Croft Wood, from where I crossed the M4 motorway to Burderop Wood and up to Brimble Hill. It was quite hazy, so the view over Swindon wasn't great. Continuing to Hodson I had hoped for a pint at the Calley Arms, unfortunately that turned out to be closed. Thirsty I continued through Hodson Valley to the "curly whirly footbridge" (that's what it's called in a leaflet I have) where I crossed the M4 again. The bridge is quite funny, I might post more pictures in another entry later. Through Coate Water Park and past Broome Manor Golf Club I returned to Croft Wood and finally back home. The walk took me just over three hours, I estimate I covered 6-8 miles.

Quite a nice change from sitting in front of a PC, as it looks like spring is really just around the corner expect more of the same over the next couple of months. And now I'm off to bed (after calling my mother).

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Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Isn't the curly whirly footbridge dodgy enough? I'll have another one tomorrow

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