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Ministry of Propaganda - 29/Feb/2004: "Crime Victim"

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Crime Victim

Picture of a damaged lock on a car doorWhat you see on the left is the lock of my car. Well, what's left of it. Yes, someone broke into my car. Luckily nothing was stolen, but I'm still very pissed off.

I believe this actually might have happened two or three weeks ago. I only used my car once a week to do my shopping over the last month or so. Once when I came to the car I noticed the door was open and someone must have been inside. At that time I thought I must have left the door unlocked by mistake and someone had used the opportunity.

Either because it was dark or because I didn't pay enough attention I didn't notice the damaged lock until today (The car has central locking, meaning I never use the lock...). Or there has been a second attempt, which I find hard to believe.

Either way, I've reported it to the Police, who were very friendly and helpful. The police officer I spoke with told me that it will probably cost around GBP 500 to repair. This should be covered by my insurance, but first I still have to pay the excess amount and second my no claims discount will go. Apart from that I'll also have the hassle of obtaining a quote, getting the work done etc. Not very happy tonight. And all that because some ####### ###### had to break into my car. A quite nice weekend (got quite a few things done and also went to Oxford today) ends with a bad note.

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