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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Feb/2004: "Travel Bug"

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Travel Bug

Friday I posted the map of the countries I've been to in Europe. I then asked my parents and my sister to create their maps and send them to me. Quite well travelled I'd say:

My mother's map:
Map of where my mother has been
My father's map:
Map of where my father has been
My sister's map:
Map of where my sister has been

My parents have been to 23 countries each (almost the same countries, only one difference. I'll let you spot which one) while my sister (as the youngest of us) "only" manages 13 so far. We won't be adding any new ones with the holidays currently being planned: My mother will join me for the Islay Walking Week in April and my sister and I will meet in Scotland in July. My parents also plan to travel to Italy this year. We might have an opportunity to add another country some time this year: My parents will probably visit me in Swindon at some point this year and as it is only an hour by car to Wales I think I should take them there. That would leave them only one short of 25, a nice round number. Once we add the US they reach the 25 worldwide though. Not too bad I think. How many can you and/or your family claim?

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Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of Armin and Imke stepping out of a plane

Actually, this flight didn't really take us anywhere, only back to where we left from. But it was abroad, I think on the Swedish island of Öland.

End of entry trivia

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