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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Feb/2004: "Yahoo and RSS"

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Yahoo and RSS

Screenshot of Yahoo search resultsYou might have read that Yahoo has started to provide its own search results after stopping to use Google. Out of curiosity I tried to find some of my own sites. When I searched for my blog I noticed something interesting: Yahoo displays a link to the RSS feed next to the search result (grey line in the screenshot). Clicking on the "View as XML" opens the RSS feed. I'm not familiar with "My Yahoo!", but I believe it includes an RSS reader/aggregator. I assume the "Add to My Yahoo!" link adds the feed to the subscriptions.

I'm not sure about how Yahoo picks up and associates the RSS feeds to the sites. I've tried a couple of other blogs (e.g. Zeldman,, Industrial Technology & Witchcraft) and Yahoo displayed the link as well. However, when I tried a few news sites (e.g. BBC News, it didn't display them.

Looks like a nice idea to me, let's see where this goes and if/when Google will have an answer...

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Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of a rune stone and two children

No RSS here, just runes. And two children. Who didn't know what a computer was at that time. Probably.

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