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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Feb/2004: "You must be joking?"

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You must be joking?

So far I've been quite happy with using Paintshop Pro as my graphics program. But now I need to think about it again. Today I wanted to check if there are any updates and went to the JASC Homepage. Now compare and contrast:

Screenshot of the view with Mozilla (site not usable)The view with Mozilla (admittedly with a modified user agent string). Something makes me think "clnt" stands for "client", although I have no clue about ASP and might be completely wrong. Looks like people who don't use Internet Explorer are not welcome here. Especially if you look at the next screenshot:

Screenshot of the view with Internet Explorer (Site works)The view with Internet Explorer, this time the site works. I have to click through quite a few JavaScript alerts (Following Microsoft's own advice I've changed the settings for JavaScript), but the site works. I only use IE for emergencies and if some "webmaster" was incapable of making a site accessible to all browsers. And if I don't have much other choice than using their site to perform a task.

Not very happy about the support by Jasc at the moment. I hope they'll fix this soon, especially considering the growing popularity of Mozilla I think they won't have much choice.

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Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of Armin painting

Will I have to revert to this? I might, as a last resort. No more problems with data loss and harddrive failures, I should think...

End of entry trivia

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