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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Jan/2004: "Apacer portable CD Writer"

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Apacer portable CD Writer

Should I buy one of these? And if yes, which one? Reading Practical Photography magazine (no online version, only this media pack) I found the Apacer Disc Steno.

It is a portable CD writer which allows you to directly write from Flash memory cards on to a CD. It has slots for various types of memory cards which are then burned directly on to a CD without having to connect to a PC or Laptop. It seems to be multisession capable, which would allow to add new pictures until the CD is full.

UK importer Intro 2020 has a Apacer product page with further information. I also found a quite positive review of the CP-100 model at Steve's DigiCams (none for the CP-200 yet).

It costs about GBP 300, so it's not cheap. But I think it might be a good investment. This would allow me to leave my laptop at home more often (or not having to fire it up when I get back from a day out) and still be able to move pictures from my camera to a CD to make space for new pictures. It doesn't seem to take much space either, which could come in handy sometimes.

Anyone out there who can give me further information or has first hand experience?

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Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of Armin waiting

Armin goes travelling. For some reason the picture has a date of January 1972 on the back, but I believe this to be in May or June 1971, when I was sent to my aunt and uncle just before my sister was born (I was allowed to return when my mother and sister came back home). I don't remember if the teddy bear had a name.

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