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Ministry of Propaganda - 04/Jan/2004: "Light entertainment"

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Light entertainment

Over the last few days I felt like just relaxing and enjoying some light entertainment before returning to work as well as reading some more "difficult" books next week. Here's what I spent my time with over the last few days, first the reading:

As it was just after Christmas I started with A Highland Christmas (A Hamish Macbeth Mystery). Hamish solves the mystery of the missing Christmas lights, finds out why a cat went missing and brings happiness to an old lady and a young girl. And gets a new dog. The next one was Death of a Celebrity (A Hamish Macbeth Mystery) where Hamish has to solve the murder of a television presenter who upset quite a few people in and around Lochdubh. Not exactly highbrow culture but quite enjoyable and relaxing. (And I still have Death of a Dentist left to read)

I also watched the DVD of U2 - Go Home: Live From Slane Castle. Great concert, great mood, great music. Not very polished, but that makes it good (I've read that it wasn't meant to be published when it was recorded initially). Large parts of it were recorded after Ireland qualified for the Football World Cup 2002 and you can see the excellent mood everyone is in. Top marks.

Now I'm ready for some more "serious" books ;-)

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